Safety First: Background Check

These checks are a great way to build trust and show reliability for both helpers and families.

Fast & Affordable: Verify caregivers in our app (starts at $22)! Hire with Confidence: Peace of mind for families & trust for caregivers. Easy in App: Download, find your match, run a check - done! Always Recommended: Do a check before every hire or trial. 📣 Continuous monitoring available at $6 per month (separate purchase here).

Choose between three levels of criminal background checks. Generally processed between 1–5 business days.

Background checks includes the following:

  1. SSN trace
  2. ID verification
  3. Address history
  4. Device fingerprinting
  5. Sex Offender Registry
  6. Global Watchlist / OFAC
  7. National Criminal Database
  8. Driving Records
  9. Last County Criminal Database
  10. 7-year County Criminal Search


Confirms that the person is clear on 1-7*



Confirms that the person is clear on 1-8, driving record included



Confirms that the person is clear on 1-10, county level search included

Documentation required: US ID/Passport and SSN

* The national criminal database may not disclose records that can be found on a county level. For a more comprehensive check, a premium background check is recommended.

Who should get a background check?

We encourage both caregivers and families to consider background checks. Helpers & families can perform a background check on themselves, or families can purchase it for the helpers.

  • For caregivers: A background check allows you to demonstrate trustworthiness to potential families.
  • For families: A background check helps you hire caregivers with confidence. While most checks are for caregivers, families can also get verified to make caregivers feel more comfortable.
What are background checks and why are they important?

Background checks are a way to verify a person's identity and criminal history. They help ensure safety and trust between caregivers (helpers) and families.

I have a previous background check result, is that applicable?

Yes, as long as it is recent within the last 3-6 months. You can send a copy of your background check results to us by email. Please send it to success@ayiconnect.com

I don’t have any background check results yet, what should I do?

Sometimes it takes a little while for the vendor to verify the information should there be a different input from the database, for example, a mistyped name or mismatched DOB.

How do I get a background check on the app?
  1. Download the app and find a potential caregiver match.
  2. Within the app, select “+” sign and select Background Check Request
  1. Choose the background check package that suits your needs.
  2. Once selected, a link will be automatically sent to you or the caregiver (depending on who initiated the check) to complete the process.
What happens during a background check?

We use a third-party service called Turning to perform background checks. This check typically includes:

  • Identification verification: Confirms the caregiver's identity matches what they provided.
  • Address history verification: Checks past addresses listed by the caregiver.
  • Criminal record search: Searches national and potentially local databases for criminal history.
  • Sex offender registry check: Verifies the caregiver's name doesn't appear on sex offender lists.
  • Global watchlist search: Scans for potential affiliations with terrorist organizations or other watchlisted groups.

Please note:

  • Background checks are not a guarantee of complete safety.
  • The accuracy of information may vary depending on local regulations.
Do background checks cover everything?

Background checks are a valuable tool, but they may not reveal everything. It's important to maintain open communication and conduct interviews to get a better understanding of a potential caregiver.

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