Concierge Overview & Pricing

Concierge Overview & Pricing

Who is Concierge for?

Our Concierge service is perfect for families who are too busy to sift through hundreds of profiles or need language support to find the right match for their needs. Our case managers listen to your requirements and match helpers accordingly. For more process info, please schedule a free consultation call with us.

What service do you offer?

We offer two services. Lite Match and Elite Match. You can find overview & pricing below. We provide nationwide services in the US, specializing in matching caregivers such as maternity (postpartum confinement) nannies, nannies, and senior caregivers who speak Chinese or Spanish. We recommend 2-3 months before your start date to initiate the process. For postpartum nannies, we recommend 3-4 months prior to your due date. For more info about Elite Match’s timing and services we provide, please schedule a free consultation call.

How is it different from Self Service?

Concierge and self-service are two different offerings. With self-service, we respect candidates' autonomy unless it is a concierge position. With concierge services particularly Elite Match, we act as your personal concierge throughout the process. Depending on the plan you choose, we handle almost everything, except for the final hiring decision, to make the process smoother and quicker for you. We can also promote your job opening and outreach through multiple channels to attract more qualified candidates beyond our Self Service pool. Concierge clients have priority access to candidates managed by our service.

How do you charge?

Unlike traditional placement agencies that charge 10-20% annual salary for finder's fees, we price our services with one-time fixed charge based on the complexity and duration of the hire. In doing this, our helpers will receive good job opportunities and equitable pay, especially those of Asian American and Pacific Islander (AAPI) descent. We also hope that our families that choose to work with us will treat our helpers with respect and collaborate with our staff to adjust requirements based on market conditions. Our beloved families' satisfaction has been the biggest validation for our quality of service. We rely on our beloved customers to be our strong ambassadors. For more pricing info, please schedule a free consultation call with us.

We have helped many busy professionals and executives in Big Tech, Startup, Healthcare, Law, Investment, Media and Consumer Product, and Consultancy. We can help you too! See some previous customers‘ reviews on TrustPilot and below cases we have helped.
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Concierge Base Pricing & Offerings

No percentages, just expertise, at an affordable quote. Schedule a free discover call for Elite Match.

You will have the support of our Concierge Team. Our advisors will work with you every step of the way. Pricing quote is based on difficulties and complexities of the case.

Lite Match

Flexible efficient solutions

With Lite Match, we offer a range of supportive services to enhance your search for the perfect match. Our services include:

  1. 30-Day Job Post: We promote your job posting by showcasing it across prominent networks, channels, and local communities. Additionally, we run targeted promotional campaigns to reach and attract qualified candidates. ($299+)
  2. Interview Assistance: Share your two to three preferred candidates with us, and we'll interview them to provide your with their info, coordinate your interview schedules, making it smoother and more efficient for you. ($399+)
  3. Translation and Interpretation: We provide document translation services and offer 2-3 real-time interpretation during calls to bridge language barriers and facilitate effective communication. ($199+)
  4. Additional Options: Explore further options such as background checks, payroll management, customized agreements, and secure escrow services to tailor your hiring process to your specific needs.

At Lite Match, we're dedicated to simplifying and enhancing your search for the ideal candidate by offering a comprehensive suite of services.


Elite Match

Premier end to end services

With Elite Match, we provide an unparalleled suite of services to elevate your caregiver search.

We offer services to help your match:

  1. Postpartum | confinement nanny ($399+)
  2. Nanny ($799+)
  3. Senior Non-medical Caregiver (599+)
  4. Domestic Helpers (599+)

Here are what you can expect:

  1. White Glove Placement Guarantee: Experience our white glove approach to caregiver placement, where your satisfaction is assured. We go the extra mile to ensure you find the perfect match.
  2. Exclusive Network and Outreach: Access our exclusive network and targeted outreach across various channels and communities. We're connected where it counts, increasing your chances of discovering exceptional caregivers.
  3. Dedicated Case Management: Enjoy the VIP treatment with a dedicated case manager and a full support team at your disposal. We're committed to making your experience as seamless as possible.
  4. Stringent Vetting Process: Our candidates undergo rigorous screening, including comprehensive background checks, evaluation of experience, personality assessments, and immunization verification. Safety and quality are non-negotiable.
  5. Sourcing Portal with Multiple Candidates: Explore a diverse pool of qualified candidates through our user-friendly sourcing portal. Discover caregivers who align perfectly with your unique requirements.
  6. Customization Options: Tailor your caregiver search with additional options such as enhanced marketing for broader reach, seamless payroll management, personalized agreements, secure escrow services, and comprehensive post-hire support.

Elite Match redefines caregiver matchmaking, offering excellence, safety, and convenience in every aspect of your search. Experience the Elite Match difference today for a caregiving solution that exceeds your expectations.

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