Our services cover nationally throughout the US. We specialize in caregiver matching with languages such as Chinese and Spanish in the US. Concierge service is designed for busy families who don't have the time to go through hundreds of profiles or require language assistance to find the right fit for their families. Our case managers listen to what your requirements are and match the helpers based on them. The differences from Self Service are two: 1. we do almost everything (well, we can’t make the final hiring decision) to make things easier and faster for you 2. we will market you job to get more qualified candidates beyond our self service pool We follow a very stringent and systematic process to help you find and match the right one. For every case, we screen at least 30-50 helpers to narrow down 2-3 best fit. We also work as an extension arm of the families to provide advice, consultation and adjustment along the way. We don't charge 10-20% annual salary of finder's fees like traditional placement agencies, but price our services based on the complexity and duration of the hire. That’s because: 1. We want to provide our helpers, especially the AAPI ones good job opportunities to work for good families. 2. We hope our families will respect our helpers and collaborate with our staff to adjust requirements timely based on market condition Our beloved families' satisfaction has been the biggest validation for our quality of service. We rely on our beloved customers to be our strong ambassadors.

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