C-level Executive Finds the Perfect Nanny for Chinese Language Learning

Family Background

An executive couple, with one partner traveling between NY, Austin and SF, sought a live-in nanny fluent in Chinese and English to create an immersive language environment for their school-aged children. While the parents did not speak Chinese, they were open to utilizing translation tools when needed to assist with communication.

Nanny Requirements

The ideal nanny needed to have conversational proficiency in both English and Chinese. Their primary responsibility would be caring for the children while engaging them in Mandarin Chinese. The parents preferred the nanny to speak Chinese exclusively to the children, while basic English communication was encouraged with the parents. Additionally, the nanny was required to live with the family and be available for domestic and occasional international travel.

AyiConnect Concierge Process

Finding a nanny who met the language proficiency and travel requirements proved to be a significant challenge. However, AyiConnect Concierge diligently searched for months and successfully identified several qualified candidates who were local, experienced in childcare and teaching, capable of living with the family, fluent in English, and willing to travel. After a series of trial periods, the family extended a generous offer to one candidate, and AyiConnect Concierge assisted in facilitating a bilingual agreement. The family is delighted with their chosen nanny, appreciating her personality and proactive approach.
AyiConnect Concierge closely collaborated with the family, understanding their unique needs, and presented suitable nanny candidates. Through a meticulous selection process and effective communication including feedback, AyiConnect Concierge successfully facilitated the hiring of nannies who met and exceeded the family's requirements and expectations.