Mixed-Race Couple Finding the Nannies the Family Needs

Family Background

The family consists of a mixed-race couple working in the Tech industry and residing in San Francisco. Both parents work from home (WFH) and were in need of a maternity nanny initially, followed by a regular nanny. Since they didn't have close family members available to assist them, they relied on professional help for childcare.

Nanny Requirements

1. Maternity Nanny: The family sought an experienced professional who could provide care for their newborn while also supporting the mother and offering guidance to the first-time parents during postpartum. Making nutritious postpartum meals is also critical for the mother. 2. Regular Nanny: Conversational proficiency in both English and Chinese was desired. The nanny would be responsible for caring for the young baby during the transition from maternity leave, as well as handling food preparation and household chores. A long-term commitment was preferred for this role.

AyiConnect Concierge Process

1. Maternity Nanny Search: AyiConnect Concierge presented two profiles of potential maternity nannies to the family. After careful consideration and verifying references, they were able to finalize their choice and proceed with hiring the selected nanny. 2. Regular Nanny Search: Following the maternity period, the family returned to AyiConnect Concierge to find a regular nanny. Based on their requirements, three profiles were presented to them. After thorough reference checks, they selected one nanny for a trial period, and upon successful completion of the trial, they proceeded with hiring this nanny.
In both cases, AyiConnect Concierge worked closely with the family to understand their specific needs and provided them with suitable nanny candidates. Through a careful selection process and effective communication, AyiConnect Concierge successfully facilitated the hiring of nannies who met the family's requirements and expectations.