Non-Chinese Two-Mom’s Family Seeking Traditional Postpartum Nanny

Family Background

A non-Chinese two moms’ family was interested in finding a postpartum nanny who was familiar with traditional postpartum practices, such as herb baths and tummy tightening. Despite not being of Chinese descent themselves, they valued the cultural aspects of postpartum care and sought a nanny who could provide these traditional practices to help recovery from child birth.

Nanny Requirements

The families were specifically looking for a nanny who had experience and knowledge in traditional postpartum practices. This included a deep understanding of customs such as herb baths and tummy tightening, which are common in Chinese postpartum care.

AyiConnect Concierge Process

AyiConnect Concierge was excited to assist the family in finding a suitable postpartum nanny who met their specific requirements. AyiConnect Concierge carefully screened potential candidates and presented two maternity nanny candidates to the family. Each candidate possessed extensive experience and understanding of traditional postpartum practices. Additionally, they were proficient in both English and Chinese. AyiConnect Concierge's staff provided interpretation support during the interview process to facilitate effective communication between the family and the candidates.

By presenting highly qualified candidates who met the families' expectations and had the necessary cultural knowledge, AyiConnect Concierge ensured that the families' desires for a postpartum nanny well-versed in traditional practices were met.