AyiConnect’s Premium Insurance for Occupational Accident

AyiConnect is proud to provide our users with occupational accident insurance (OAI) for Helpers.

$0.7 per hour worked. Contact us via success@ayiconnect.com to get started. For example, if you engage a nanny or senior companion for 40 hours a week, your OAI will be $28 per week (40 hours X $0.7/hr). Note: Complimentary Accidental Insurance Included for Premium & Concierge Clients.

Instructions: how to set up insurance in-app.

This insurance provides financial support to AyiConnect Helpers (Nannies, Postpartum Caregivers, Senior Caregivers, and domestic workers) in case of an accident while working for families through our platform. Please note, that this is not Workers' Compensation insurance.

You can find your caregiver independently, but to be covered by our insurance, the booking needs to be documented through our platform.

Key Benefits (please refer to the chart below for the full list of benefits)

  • Financial Assistance: Receive a lump sum payment in case of accidental death or dismemberment.
  • Medical Expense Coverage: The insurance covers a portion of your medical expenses (including ambulance services) resulting from an accident, with a lifetime maximum and a $0 deductible.
  • Income Replacement: If an accident prevents you from working temporarily (Temporary Total Disability), you'll receive a portion of your weekly earnings for a limited period.
  • Support for Long-Term Disability: In case of a permanent disability due to an accident (Continuous Total Disability), the insurance provides income replacement up to a specific age.
Occupational Injuries
Accidental Death & Survivor’ Benefit:
Principal Sum*: $250,000 Commencement Period: 365 days Monthly Benefit Percentage of Principle Sum: 1.00% Monthly Benefit Amount: $1,500
Accidental Dismemberment Benefit:
Principal Sum*: $200,000 Commencement Period: 365 days
Accidental Paralysis Benefit:
Principal Sum*: $200,000 Commencement Period: 365 days
Accident Medical Expense Benefit:
Commencement Period
90 days
Deductible Amount
Maximum Benefit Amount
Maximum Benefit Period
104 weeks
Dental Benefit Maximum
Lifetime Maximum Benefit Amount
Physical, Occupational, or Work Hardening  Therapies
To a maximum combined 36 visits per surgery; or as authorized
Ambulance for Medically Necessary Services
1 round trip to and from a Hospital to a Maximum of $10,000 per Accident
Acupuncture Care and Chiropractic Care
$1,000 per Injury
Mental and Nervous or Depressive Condition
1 visit per day to a maximum of $25 per visit and 20 visits per Accident
Temporary Total Disability Benefit:
Commencement Period
90 days
Waiting Period
7 days
Benefit Percentage
Minimum Weekly Benefit Amount
Maximum Weekly Benefit Amount
Maximum Benefit Period
104 weeks
Continuous Total Disability Benefit: **
Waiting Period
equals Maximum Benefit Period for Temporary Total Disability
Benefit Percentage
Minimum Weekly Benefit Amount
Maximum Weekly Benefit Amount
Maximum Benefit Amount
Maximum Benefit Period
Not beyond full Social Security retirement age
Limits of Liability:
Combined Single Limit of Liability
Aggregate Limit of Liability
Sub Limits of Liability:
Combined Single Limit of Liability for:
Pre-Existing Conditions
Occupational Disease
Occupational Cumulative Trauma
  • Starting at age 65, the Principal Sum shall be based on the following schedule:
Age at Date of Loss
Percent of Principal Sum
70 and over

* If an Insured Person sustains an Injury within six months or less of attaining his or her full Social Security retirement age, as defined by the United States Social Security Administration, the Insured Person does not qualify for the Continuous Total Disability Benefit.

Additional Coverage Options:

Families and Helpers can purchase additional insurance for broader protection beyond what's included in the Occupational Accident plan.

What's Not Covered:

  • Travel time to and from jobs is generally not covered. Coverage starts upon arrival at the work location and ends after finishing work for the day.
  • For Temporary or Continuous Disability claims, earnings for the past 30 days of work must be verified.

Who is Covered?

  • Families can hire caregivers independently, but for insurance coverage, both the hiring and insurance payment must be documented through our platform. The helper can be paid directly via other methods.
  • Helpers are automatically covered by the insurance as long as the family initiates the hiring process through AyiConnect and pays the premium. A documented and valid offer and contract between the family and Helper is required for coverage.

Important Note: Using AyiConnect for communication is highly recommended. Our chat room serves as the primary source of documentation for claims investigations. For a smooth claims process, both families and Helpers should communicate through AyiConnect.

Insurance Fraud: AyiConnect takes fraud seriously. Using our services fraudulently or solely to benefit from the insurance is a crime. Violating this policy will result in denial of benefits, termination of your AyiConnect access, and potential legal action.

Please refer to the AyiConnect Terms and Conditions for any other info.

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