Do you screen all helpers on your platform?

We use a few methods to provide a fair and reliable platform. A few key measurements we put in place, including authenticating email and phone, using an underlying technology to verify user identification, and displaying background check results upon completion. We also provide concierge screening services for our customers - this may include screening background checks, ID verification, and reference checks, which are documented in our interview notes. Ultimately, it’s your responsibility to screen prospective candidates to validate that their experience and skills meet your family’s needs. We also recommend you perform additional checks before the final hire. You can purchase a background check through us. For more information, please view our article here ( https://www.ayiconnection.com/blog/helpers-background-checks ). Lastly, we offer additional services on insurance policies for our helpers and families upon purchase. Please keep your conversations within the platform without sharing your contact until you finalize your hires, in case of a dispute.