What is AyiConnect?

AyiConnect offers an app that brings Families and Helpers together in their preferred languages. Service offerings include child care, senior care, domestic care and learning. Our platform, including the app, makes it simple for families to discover the right match according to their needs and language preferences. Helpers, on the other hand, can easily locate suitable jobs based on their availability and preferences, all while highlighting their unique skills and capabilities. Besides the app, AyiConnect also offers Concierge service for busy professionals who might need help with search and language assistance. The name AyiConnect is rooted in the term 'Ayi' (阿姨), a respectful address used by Chinese families for caregivers. Our platform initially emerged from the requirement to find Mandarin-speaking caregivers, but it has since expanded into various realms. Our mission remains unwavering: ensuring accessibility to care and job opportunities for everyone, particularly from underrepresented communities.