What level of background checks do you perform on your providers? (1)

The helpers with background checks completed will display the badge “background checked”. When the background check is performed, it means the helper will go through identification verification, addresses on file, a check on criminal records, and a sex offender search. It also searches numerous terrorist, criminal and regulatory watch lists for the potential provider's name. The check also searches on a multi-jurisdictional database of criminal records that certain localities across the country choose to provide. Please note that these checkers may be pertaining to federal, state, and local law and that the availability of criminal record information varies. Background checks may not be 100% accurate and may not reveal the entirety of a potential provider's criminal or sex offender history. For more information, please view our article here ( https://www.ayiconnection.com/blog/helpers-background-checks ) If you are concerned about theft, we also offer additional services on an insurance policy to help you protect that. Contact us to find out more.