Helper Enhanced Membership

AyiConnect aims to build an inclusive environment that empowers caregivers with a second language to thrive in the caregiving community. Join our enhanced membership and community to enjoy these great benefits:

  1. More job applications!
  2. Get featured in front of families
  3. $5000 Life Insurance: Get up to $5000 in life insurance coverage.
  4. Occupational Accident Insurance
  5. Health Savings on Vision, Dental and more: Save money on eye check-ups, glasses, contacts, medicine, hearing aids, dental care, and more!
  6. Free & Discounted Legal and Tax Services: Enjoy free and discounted consultations and services for legal and tax matters.
  7. Many more to come monthly!

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Our Enhanced Membership is designed for active care professionals like nannies, postpartum nannies, senior caregivers, and house cleaners who actively use the AyiConnect app. To qualify, applicants must meet the requirements.

*AyiConnect reserves the right to deactivate memberships in cases of violation of our terms of service