As a AyiConnect premium member, you will be able to enjoy the following benefits:

More job applications! If you sign up a yearly option, you will get unlimited job applications. Go back to the app to start applying.
Get featured in front of families. You will enjoy a 30-day feature on our app to receive more job invitations. Nothing you need to do now.
$5000 Life Insurance: Get up to $5000 in life insurance coverage.

The insurance helpers your family cover unexpected expenses like funeral costs, unpaid rent, travel expenses, unpaid bills and more through a $5000 policy. Text us to start this benefit. 650-206-9565

Free & Discounted Legal and Tax Services: Enjoy free and discounted consultations and services for legal and tax matters. Text us to inquire. 650-206-9565
Health Savings on Vision, Dental and more: Save money on eye check-ups, glasses, contacts, medicine, hearing aids, dental care, and more! Text us to start this benefit. 650-206-9565


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Butuh bantuan: Silakan SMS 650-206-9565.