Review Guidelines

At AyiConnect, we work to create a safe and positive community that is based on trust and quality. And what better way to build it than through reviews? This feature gives you the opportunity to share your experiences and connect with others, whether it is giving others kudos for jobs well done, or to share improvement opportunities to help them get better.

The only thing we ask is that you respect and follow the guidelines to help keep AyiConnect a collaborative and trustworthy place for everyone to enjoy. Thanks for being here.

When to write a review

You can write a review as long as you have had recent and real work experience with our users. These are for both, helpers and families.

Reviews are your chance to share your experience with families or helpers and provide them with feedback. Size doesn’t matter, big or small reviews, they are worth it, as long as you are clear in your words.

Proof of your experience

Keep all the documentation that shows you’ve had an experience or interaction with the family or helper. We may ask you to verify your experience.

Fake reviews

Please do not create a fake review. Remember that these feedback are very important for the rest of the community, so don’t make up any experience.

Be respectful

We expect our users to be respectful of each other on our platform. So be nice, don’t be a jerk. Don’t post anything harmful, hateful, discriminatory, defamatory or obscene, we won’t tolerate any of these. And don’t lie or bully.

Private information

Remember your reviews are mostly public. So keep private things in private. The relationship between families and helpers is built on trust and sharing anyone's private information can cause the rest of the users who see your review to not trust you.

That being said, we provide an option where you can keep your reviews for those premium users (not public). If you are fearful of repercussions we have an ability to hide your identity as long as you provide concrete evidence.

Edit or delete your review

You own your review. That means you can edit, update or delete it at any time. Of course, it’s recommended to share with us why you might need to update or delete it.

User account

Remember that if you want to post a review, you will need an user account! If you don’t have one we invite you to sign up and experience our new and improved app.