How to find a job

How to find a job

Finding a family in AyiConnect is free and easy. You can use our app and website to start a fast and safe search and make the connection. Here are the steps to make your search easier.

1. Create a profile on our platform

Every helper is required to create a profile before applying to jobs. This creates an initial trust impression when you send the message. In the meantime, your profile serves a way for families to extend you a job invitation. It allows the families to learn more about who you are, your availability and what you might be a fit for to reach a decision on compatibility.

Start to add a profile here.

Tip: To differentiate your profiles from others, it is recommended to add some details about who you are, what your availability is and what you are looking for from a job and the family.  A personable photo can add trust and will help your listing to go near the top of the search result. If you would like to boost your profile or be featured to increase invisibility, you can always upgrade to our premium plans.
Tip: we highly recommend inviting your previous employers to leave references for you, as well as running a background check when you first sign-up, to add credibility to your profile.

In order to protect our users’ safety and privacy, we don’t allow phone numbers, emails, and other forms of contacts to be included in your profile. However, once your application is accepted to further the discussion, you are free to communicate relevant content through our secure messaging system, as long as our community guidelines are followed.

2. Search for jobs

Our platform allows registered users to search for jobs and view more details to ensure the privacy of our members.

Once a profile is created, our system will provide a preliminary list of job matches in your area based on the criteria. You can review the list or update the filter to expand the search.

You can review jobs of your interests, including job requirements, start date and rate. To get in touch with them, you can send them an application along with a message to indicate why you think you might be a good fit for the position.

Tip: We highly recommend applying to all the jobs that might be a fit for you. A good position always receives multiple applications, so it will be good to have some backup jobs in the event that the other ones are filled.

3. Communicate with families

Once the family accepts your application, you are free to chat with them. We do require you to verify your ID before proceeding to chat, to protect our users’ safety and privacy. We strongly recommend using our secure messaging system to communicate first, learn more about the families before sharing your personal contact in private.

Tip: the best way to engage a family is to schedule an interview after you learn more about them and introduce yourself. You can use our scheduling feature with the chat window.

Users may have an option to share their contact details of their choice when available and the info can be accessed from the listings. Our users are required to be ID verified before viewing contact for our users’ safety and privacy. However, you can send relevant content including other forms of contact through our secure messaging system as long as our community guidelines are followed.

4. Interview and trial

we offer a secure method to interview via audio and video calling through our app to ensure your privacy. If you are comfortable with the family and want to move to the step, we recommend a couple days of trial to test out the working relationship and personality match.

Tip: if you decide to meet them for an in-person interview you can choose to do so in a public location or residence. Please ensure to have a family member around you while doing so.
Tip: Remember the first impression counts, so dress accordingly.
Tip: While in the trial, allow some adjustment periods to get used to the family members and rules.

5. Finalize the job

If you agree to work with the family, please ensure to align on expectations and job details such as hourly rate, work hours, scope of work, any house rules, etc, before you start. We strongly recommend having an agreement in place, even if it is in the form of a message, to avoid misunderstandings or disputes. You can use our offer details from our app to do so as well. The family can extend an offer and you can accept the offer in our app.