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Get your job featured in front of Helpers. You will enjoy a 14-day feature on our app to receive more attention. Nothing you need to do now.
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Need coaching or therapy for postpartum blues, caregiving burnout, or more? Start by completing aΒ short intake formΒ and be matched to a provider within 2 business days. Use code: AyiConnect75 to receive $75 off from Anise Health.

Anise, a culturally-responsive digital mental health platform building the gold standard of care for underserved populations, starting with a focus on Asian Americans.

  • Anise's clients experience a 92% improvement in stress, anxiety and depression after 12 weeks on our platform.
  • Anise incorporates a research-based understanding of culture and intersectionality into provider training and clinical interventions, which research shows to be 5x more effective than unadapted models of care. Anise's clients get a therapist, coach, and curated digital resources in a telehealth platform.
Feeling overwhelmed? Get support! Free first session + $10 discount for all coaching and therapy sessions subsequently for postpartum, burnout & more. Use code: AyiConnect10 to receive $10 discount from Dragonfruit Dragonfruit is an accessible and affordable mental health coaching app for Asians. We understand that well-being is intertwined with cultural nuances. That's why we've tailored our platform to meet the unique needs of Asians, fostering a supportive space for personal growth and resilience. With Dragonfruit, users can connect with culturally sensitive, competent and experienced multi-lingual Asian counselors and coaches based all around the world. We are committed to enabling access to mental health support for Asians globally.