Background check

Background checks are a great way to show others that you are someone they can trust for both helpers and families.

We encourage helpers to provide a background check when they sign up. Families are recommended to run a background check before the helper starts working for you. Although most of the background checks are for the helpers, families should consider running a check in the event helpers might feel more comfortable with a family that is background checked.

To purchase a background check, please use the service in the app. Select the appropriate package of your needs. Once the package is selected, a background check link will be automatically sent to the users.

Once a helper passes a background check, there is a badge displayed as “background checked” on the helper’s profile.


We use a third-party service to perform our background checks called Turning. When the background check is performed, the helper will go through identification verification, addresses on file, a statement on criminal records, and a sex offender search. It also searches numerous terrorist, criminal and regulatory watch lists for the potential provider's name. The check also searches on a multi-jurisdictional database of criminal records that certain localities across the country choose to provide.

Please note that these checkers may be about federal, state, and local law and that the availability of criminal record information varies. Background checks may not be 100% accurate and may not reveal the entirety of a potential provider's criminal or sex offender history. See below the background search area of coverage:

  • SSN Trace and Address History: this check will validate whether your candidate is who they claim to be. Identity verification lets you discover possible identity theft or impersonation. This check will validate an SSN, the first step in this process is the SSN Trace, which seeks to match the SSN provided by the applicant with the records from the Social Security Administration, compare the results with public record databases, look for matches against the name, date of birth, and address history, and cross-check against the SSN Death Master File (to confirm the candidate is not using a deceased SSN).
  • National Criminal Records: A National Criminal Search is a high-speed multi-jurisdictional search across several proprietary databases compiled from multiple sources consisting of court records, incarceration records, prison/inmate records, probation/parole/release information, arrest data, wants and warrants, and/or other proprietary sources. It helps identify jurisdictions on a broader scale where a person may have a criminal record. This check is strongly advised alongside a Contingent County Search for a more thorough investigation of criminal charges on a specific candidate.
  • Sex Offender Registry: A Sex Offender Search provides a 50-state, real-time sex offender registry scan to confirm a candidate has never committed any sexual offense.
  • Global Watchlist: Global Watchlist Search scans over 100 domestic and international lists to look for candidate name matches or for potential affiliations to:
    • Foreign terrorist organizations
    • Global terrorists on the terrorist watch list
    • International narcotics traffickers
    • Individuals and organizations that have been placed on watch status by U.S. and international government agencies
    • OFAC
    • Interpol

To purchase a background check, please use this link there. Select the appropriate package of your needs. Once the package is selected, a background check link will be automatically sent to the users.
Who can perform the background check?

Helpers and families can perform a background check on themselves, or families can purchase it for the helpers. More step by step info.

I have a previous background check result, is that applicable?

Yes, as long as it is recent within the last 3-6 months. You can send a copy of your background check results to us by email. Please send it to

I don’t have any background check results yet, what should I do?

Sometimes it takes a little while for the vendor to verify the information should there be a different input from the database, for example, a mistyped name.