Community Guidelines

At AyiConnect, our goal is to create an inclusive environment where everyone has access to jobs or help regardless of culture, background, race, ethnicity, nationality, sexual orientation, religion, and gender identity.

When becoming part of our community, we expect everyone to adhere to the following standards.

  • Be respectful and professional. Treat others with courtesy; avoid any form of discrimination and bad behavior.
  • Use AyiConnect only for its intended purpose. Offer care related services, find helpers or provide relevant information. Avoid self-promotion, spam, and irrelevant links.
  • Be truthful and communicative. Do not misrepresent or mislead others. Follow content policy.
  • Respect privacy and avoid sharing sensitive info in public. No external links, phone numbers, emails, social media handles in public posts. Use our secure messaging system for such info.
  • Create accurate and fair job posts. Offer competitive rate and engaging info including benefits and responsibilities.
    • Feature or boost your job to attract more candidates
  • Post authentic reviews: follow Review Guidelines.
  • Follow local, state, and federal laws and regulations of your jurisdiction.
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    AyiConnect reserves the right to review and remove members permanently should they violate our policies. It will be hard to uphold these standards if communication is made outside the platform, but issues can still be reported. Make sure you include screenshots that clearly show the content which breaches these standards and the email or mobile number of the user. Contact us at success@ayiconnect.com for any questions or concerns.

Community Rules