How does AyiConnect work? Can AyiConnect really find a good job or a good helper?

Yes, absolutely!

AyiConnect has helped thousands of Families to hire Helpers and many Helpers to find good jobs for years.

Use our AyiConnect App self-service

AyiConnect App is a simple and easy-to-use application. Typically, a Family posts a job, and Helpers with the availability can apply for it. The Family can also invite helpers to apply to the job. If the Helpers have the availability and are interested, they will accept the invitation. You can call and pay via our App.

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How can I download the AyiConnect app

What are the powerful features in AyiConnect App


If you are usually very busy and don't have time to find a helper, then engaging us through Concierge can definitely be suitable for you! With Concierge service, we will help you cut through the noise by doing the hard work and recommending a few pre-screened helpers that fit your schedule and requirements. All you need to do is be available for scheduled interviews and book the helper of your choice.

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