Trust and Safety

Our top priority is to provide a safe and trustworthy connection for family needs

AyiConnect is a care platform that connects families and helpers. Our goal is to create an environment where everyone has jobs or help regardless of culture, background, race, ethnicity, nationality, sexual orientation, religion, and gender identity.

We are serious about our service and users′ safety and trust. Please see below a few ways how we safeguard our community and marketplace:

Community Guidelines

AyiConnect provides a Community Guideline for our members and expects everyone to adhere to it. Please read our Community Guidelines. If you see anything that does not comply with these guidelines, please let us know at report@AyiConnect.com.

Regular review

To ensure the content meets AyiConnect’s community standards, we review and monitor platform activities regularly via technology and manual review. We do not tolerate any content that is related to discrimination, hate speech, or violence. We reserve the right to remove users who do not comply with our community standards.

User Screening

For security purposes, we screen all users through a verification tool. This will also help us determine whether a family or a helper is real. To connect with others, we need users to go through an ID verification process to protect users. We do not require all helpers to go through background checks, but they can report they have done it in the past or purchase a new one. Families also are provided an option to purchase a check for our helpers or for themselves to validate their trustworthiness. You can see the indicators and badges on everyone’s profile.

Safe messaging and calling

Users have the choice to show their phone numbers to others interested in connecting via phone calls, such as job applicants or invitees. Phone numbers are only shared with verified users holding premium memberships to prevent scams and fraudulent activities. Our platform offers a secure in-app messaging and calling system to ensure member safety and privacy. As long as you follow our community guidelines, you can send any information through the messaging system, including phone numbers, email addresses, social media handles, zoom, and external links.

Secure payments

We use Stripe, a leading payment company, to ensure your information stays protected when processing payments.

Feedback mechanism

We have a simple but effective feedback mechanism for families to leave reviews after services. We highly encourage families to check the reviews as they are great resources for families to learn more about the helper to decide whether to engage further, whenever available. Helpers are also provided a way to request references. Should the references share their contact, families can also contact them to learn more about the helpers further, if needed.

Online Safety

We also rely on our families and helpers to be responsible for their safety. We encourage all members to keep communication on the platform. Watch for signs of scammers for those too good to be in proper conditions.

Our team works really hard to provide a safe online platform, but it is also important to remain vigilant when searching for your next family or helper. Scammers can be very convincing at getting you to send money, bank account information, or any other personal information. Please take note of the following warning signs to keep a safe search.

  • Request for money before job completion
  • Offer a too good to be true rate or condition
  • Invite you to go out of town or overseas
  • Ask for a photo of ID
  • Request for your very personal details
  • Send an overpaid check
  • Display a sense of urgency or pressure

If you find any inconsistencies, please report them immediately. Let's fight scams together!

How can you help

If you came across a suspicious user, please let us know immediately. If it happens outside our platform, make sure to capture evidence like screenshots of the conversation and send them to report@ayiconnect.com. This way, it will be easier for us to investigate. We take these issues very seriously, and your cooperation will be a great help for us.

We always recommend families run a background check before finalization of any hires. For virtual activities, families should not leave minors unattended if the activities are for them.

Your use of AyiConnect is subject to our Terms of Service and our Privacy Policy. Please review them.

AyiConnect reserves the right to review and remove users should they violate any of our policies. If you have any urgent questions or concerns, please contact us at success@ayiconnect.com