Concierge Service Overview
Concierge Service Overview

Concierge Service Overview

Hi - thanks for scheduling the non-commitment discovery call with us! We are so happy to have you here! One of our advisors, Ava, Mike or Joanna will get on a video call with you. If you need to reschedule, please let us know ahead of time via email: Before our chat, take a quick look at this document. We know your time is precious. It’s important for you to go through them, which covers a few key things, so we can make the most of our time together and address any burning questions you may have:
  • Process overview: We'll walk you through how we do things.
  • Our track record: See who we've worked with in the past.
  • Real-life success stories: Check out some case studies to get inspired.
  • Frequently Asked Questions: We've got answers to common queries right here.

Process overview

Our team moves fast once we start our process. It is important to note that we will follow up regularly as part of the process to move the process forward (please do not perceive that we are being pushy)😃. Below are our detailed processes. In case you haven’t seen our high-level overview and pricing, here is the reference.


Our track record

We have worked with many busy professionals like yourself, including executives from Big Tech, Healthcare, Law, Banking, Investment, Media, Consumer Product, and Consultancy. Our success rate is high. We're known for delivering successful outcomes and exceptional services. Our clients refer and return to us because we care. Count on us to help you find the right care for your loved ones.

Sample clients’ workplaces below


Success stories


How do you qualify your helpers?

We have a rigorous and systematic process to help you find the perfect match. We screen at least 30-50 helpers for each case, narrowing down to the 2-3 best fits. We also work closely with families, offering advice, consultation, and making adjustments along the way. Below is our criteria in addition to matching them to your requirements.

Where do you source your candidates?

As Concierge, we are able to promote your jobs and outreach to candidates on behalf of you from various channels beyond our self service portal, such as local network, communities, forums, referrals, etc

How many candidates will I get?

We take pride in the quality of work we do. Instead of presenting overflowing candidates (aka anyone), we prefer to find the suitable and qualified ones first. That also means you will not need to interview a large list of candidates, which will save you significant time and effort. If we do our job right, you should be able to pick out a couple candidates from the first couple selections.

How long does the process take?

Every case is different. Some are more complicated than another. Be prepared to take somewhere about 1-2 months to finalize a candidate, but we should be able to start presenting you a candidate (depending on your care type) somewhere between 5-21 days. If you are looking for a confinement nanny, we do recommend a 4-6 months ahead to start searching. For a regular nanny or caregiver, 2 months ahead will be sufficient.

How are Concierge Search Quotes Determined?

We prioritize affordability while ensuring exceptional service. Your quote reflects the complexity of your search:

  • Factors Influencing Cost:
    • Specialized Needs: Travel nannies, night care, bilingualism or highly proficient in multiple languages, or remote locations requiring relocation require more extensive searching.
    • Additional Effort: These cases necessitate extra marketing and outreach to find the perfect match.
  • Transparent Pricing: Simple searches start at $799 (Pay Now). We'll provide a personalized quote after discussing your needs with our team.
Do you make sure they have all of the shots in place?

During the screening process, we will check if the helpers have undergone an annual health check and do not have any major health issues. While we do not mandate flu shots or tdap shots, as it may not be necessary for all families, it is important to note that when the helpers with immigration backgrounds apply for their work permit, the US government mandates them to provide evidence of all required immunizations. However, if you require additional shots for your specific needs, we can discuss this with the helpers. Arrangements can be made for reimbursement or payment by the families.

Do they all have CPR or First Aid certificates?

When it comes to CPR or first aid certification, it's not mandatory for all families, but we do ask about it during the interview and keep a record of the results. If CPR certification is a must for you, helpers can take online courses provided by the Red Cross or other training institutions. If there's a language barrier, the family can assist them. We can discuss this further and make appropriate arrangements.

Will you help us discuss the helper's salary?

Absolutely! We can provide you with a salary range based on current market rates and the helper's experience. However, since every family's needs and budget are unique, we recommend negotiating directly with the helper to find a mutually agreeable compensation. We can assist during the process. We recommend offering a salary within the market range to attract qualified helpers and promote long-term employment. Remember: As the employer, you have the final say on the salary. However, a competitive offer increases your chances of finding the right helper and building a successful working relationship.

Does the helper need to pay taxes?

Here is the IRS guideline. We don't handle tax-related matters. If you need tax advice, we recommend consulting with a tax consultant. We also have a partner who can assist with payroll services. It is $150 to set up and $39/month thereafter.

Do you provide insurance for the helpers? What if there's an unexpected accident?

Insurance is not a requirement for helpers, but if you're concerned about it, we have partners who offers worker’s compensation or health insurance. Alternatively, you can specify the level of responsibility in the contract in case of accidents, or check with your homeowner insurance.

Is it strange that the helper openly ask about salary during the interview?

We don't get involved in salary discussions, but we encourage transparency between helpers and families to ensure a good fit. In other countries, it's normal to discuss salaries openly, so some helpers may ask direct questions. Please don't take offense to it.

Can I request a helper from a specific location, like Taiwan or Hong Kong?

We recommend keeping your preferences open to a certain language. If you have a preference for a specific location, it will limit your pool of candidates.

If we are not satisfied with the hire, can we let her go?

You and the helper have an at-will employment relationship. It also depends on the contract, but typically there is a two-week courtesy notification period. If the helper poses a potential risk to the children, you have the right to let her go immediately.

What happens if the helper decides to quit after two months? Can you continue to assist us?

It depends on the package you choose. Generally, our job is completed once you hire someone if you haven't purchased post-hire care support. We recommend signing a contract with the helper, which we can provide services for if required. If, for any reason, the relationship doesn't work out and post-hire care support isn’t purchased, we offer a discount on the next service. Alternatively, you can select a post-hire care support of the duration needed with free replacements.

Can we request a refund?

We are unable to refund once you decide to move forward with us, however you can put the plan on-hold at any time, or continue with us until you finalize the search. To avoid this situation, before we accept your case, we will debrief within our team. We usually can deliver satisfactory results if we are able to take your case. If we are unable to take you due to the difficulty of the requirements and inability to make adjustments, we will let you know ahead of time before you commit to the payment. It's important to note that the most successful case is for those who are open to collaborating with our staff and adjusting requirements when needed. Free replacements are provided if clients choose post-hire care support.

Do you provide other services?

Our additional services include:

  • Interview interpretation
  • Bilingual contract drafting
  • Payroll service