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Are all of the helpers in AyiConnect available?
How can I get the AyiConnect app?
What's in the AyiConnect App? (For AyiConnect helpers)
What are the core functions of the AyiConnect app?
What is 1:1 Concierge?
What is the AyiConnect platform?


Can AyiConnect really find a good job or a good helper?
How do we know if the helper or family is real?
How does AyiConnect work?
Why do you call it AyiConnect?
What is AyiConnect?


What level of background checks do you perform on your providers? (1)
Do you screen all helpers on your platform?
Can we pay helpers directly?
How are helpers' rates determined?
Can we interview helpers before booking them?
What type of activities can a helper offer?


How do we get more cities added?
Do you engage with helpers that speak other languages?
How can I delete my account?
How do I make sure my information is safe?
How do I report a family or a helper?


For families - When do I get charged?
For families - What do I pay?
For families - How are payments handled?
For families - Why was I billed twice?
What type of platform fees does AyiConnect charge?
Are we responsible for paying taxes?

For Families

I have invited a few helpers, but they are not responding. What should I do?
What does the background check entail?
What is on-demand? Is there a fee?
How do I message the helper?
How can I leave feedback?
I did not receive my activity; what can I do?


What is your refund policy on AyiConnect fees?
What is the activity booking cancellation policy if I am not happy with the result?

For AyiConnect Helpers

What does the background check entail?
Is there a fee to join the platform as a helper?
What happens if there are not enough people signed up for my activity?
What are warnings?
How do I get paid?


Do you offer a partnership or promotion of businesses?
I am not from the US. Can I apply for the job?